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1 Day Educational Workshops

Fynbos Identification

A hands-on, interactive workshop that provides the basic skills and knowledge to identify and group the various plants of the Fynbos Biome.

An introduction to the various plant families and their identifying characteristics.

Fynbos Medicinal Plants

The workshop will explore the history on the ancient knowledge of medicinal plants, as well as their historical use. We will touch on the various chemical properties of plants which can be used as medicines, as well as the various applications of medicinal plants or products made from them.

There will be a hands-on interaction with a variety of medicinal Fynbos plants as well as a short-guided walk through the nature reserve. Afterwards each person will have the opportunity to compile a basic First Aid Kit made from the various plants and knowledge gained.


Rocks, although inanimate, are far from static! Rocks are dynamic and always on the move - telling the incredible story of how the earth, its mountains and landscapes, were made and indeed how it is still being made.

This workshop will introduce the various types of rocks and their formation.

The geological processes that produce them and a look at the minerals and crystals found within them.

The workshop will include an exhibition of a wide variety of rocks as well as a hands-on, interactive section to touch and feel.

Multiday Educational Courses

Botany and Fynbos Plant Identification

A hands-on 3-day Botany course offering an in-depth study of basic plant structures and characteristics, as well as the characteristics too many of plant families.

Included in the course is the identifying characteristics of Fynbos Plants and how to group them in their families.

Planet Earth – Paleontological Journey

An interactive, 4-day course exploring the geological and paleontological story of our planet’s 4.5 Billion Year history.

Child Friendly & Educational

*Our school-based excursions are customized and tailored to “fit-in” and enrich the Department of Education’s curriculum and provides the hands-on practical exposure to the natural environment.

Conservation Education

Exposing learners and youth groups to the field of conservation, learning about conservation methods and monitoring, veld and resource management and skills such as tracking.

Biodiversity Excursions

Our Biodiversity excursions address the need for practical exposure to the biodiversity of our natural ecosystems and habitats.

Botany and Fynbos

Exploring the Fynbos vegetation of the Western Cape in an interactive learning experience, allowing the learner to interact with the various species of plants.