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Environmental Tours

Child Friendly & Educational

Helderberg Nature Reserve

65.00 ZAR Per Person

I am deeply passionate about Youth Environmental Education and Nature Excursions.

Examples of Activities:

*Our school-based excursions are customized and tailored to “fit-in” and enrich the Department of Education’s curriculum and provides the hands-on practical exposure to the natural environment.

Conservation Education

Exposing learners and youth groups to the field of conservation, learning about conservation methods and monitoring, veld and resource management and skills such as tracking.

Biodiversity Excursions

Our Biodiversity excursions address the need for practical exposure to the biodiversity of our natural ecosystems and habitats.

Botany and Fynbos

Exploring the Fynbos vegetation of the Western Cape in an interactive learning experience, allowing the learner to interact with the various species of plants.

Water Ecology

Exploring the water life and ecology found with natural aquatic ecosystem of the Western Cape Fynbos of the Western Cape


Exploring and learning about the Field of Geology as well as our local geological formations.


Exploring and learning about the Field of Palaeontology

Overnight Camps and Hikes

Leading guided interpretive hikes and camps for school and youth groups to expose them to nature and the outdoor life as well as basic survival skills.