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Jun 17 19

Fynbos Medicinal Plant Workshop – 29 June 2019

Andreas Groenewald

The Fynbos of the Western Cape is not just well-known for its vast species Biodiversity, but also for its wealth of unique and useful plants! Do you want to know more about what makes the Western Cape’s Fynbos so special? How to ID the most important species and which ones can be used in the treatment of ailments? Then come and join us for an interactive workshop at the Helderberg Nature Reserve and learn all about our natural Fynbos heritage.

The workshop will explore the history on the ancient knowledge of medicinal plants, as well as their historical use. We will touch on the various chemical properties of plants which can be used as medicines, as well as the various applications of medicinal plants or products made from them.

There will be a hands-on interaction with a variety of medicinal Fynbos plants as well as a short guided walk through the nature reserve. Afterwards each person will have the opportunity to compile a basic First Aid Kit made from the various plants and knowledge gained.

The workshop will include a tea break as well as lunch.

Cost : R350 / person (Excludes entrance fee to reserve)
Booking is essential : RSVP: Monday 24 June 2019

What to bring:
Appropriate walking shoes/boots
Pen & Notebook

For more information contact Andreas Groenewald at or 0823441096